Sunday, March 11, 2012

HoN Mod: Auto Ability Learning

This mod allows you to queue up skills to learn by clicking within the grayed out ability finding out icons.

This HoN mod target people prefer to overlook their level-ups, and people who want to help save those two extra seconds hitting the small finding out button inside a "go at amount 5". And those who are only lazy and know their talent construct upfront. You can get it here

Auto Ability Learning

Download: blackAngel's BIG Combo Mod Review

The blackAngel's Big Combo Mod is a all-in-one mod. The complete collection for starter.

blackAngel's Hon Mods included:

  • quickcommands by Ape3000 and Archangel
  • Hero Health & Mana Percentages
  • barter ui 
  • Automatic Ability Learning by Notausgang
  • autocast by Ape3000 (default is F8, change it in the Bard UI settings) 
  • bard ui
  • Banlist Assist 
  • Tiny Hud by FreshM
  • Spell Channeling Bar by AsiaPingPong
  • Monti's Day Night Cycle Mod
  • Right Click Deny
  • Last hit Assist
  • xStats
  • Advanced Replay Control
  • Manacost*
  • Click Click Item
  • Toggle Labels by Notausgang
  • xshop 
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This is a screenshot:
blackAngel's Mod Interface

blackAngel's Mod Screenshot

Download: Hon ModManager (Java Version)

The first step we need to install Hon modmanager. Installing mods in Heroes of Newerth may be a simple process. One of the most extensively advised way to achieve this will be to install and set up the HoN Modification Manager. As soon as set up, you'll be able to pick from a repository of authorised modifications and set up them with merely a number of clicks.

The All-In HoN ModManager could be a java application made to help both HoN gamers and Mod designers. An easy and user-friendly interface together with easy to personalize skins. The HoN ModManager is auto-updatable. A choice for mod- synchronization whenever using different pcs. A built-in XML Editor for mod creation and editing. It's coded in Java thus working exactly the same methods by every OS. Still in development - Expect more afterwards! You can download the latest version from Sourceforge or dropbox, for more information please visit the official forum.

Heroes of Newerth Download Link

Heroes of Newerth – a competent, multiplayer strategy game that plays nice with all three major operating systems… for free! Heroes of Newerth is the name, and team-based Warcraft-esque online strategy is the game.

Originally released as a full-price game in May 2010, Heroes of Newerth has just gone free to play – and that means no subscriptions or retail costs whatsoever. Read on to find out whether it’s set to become your next hopeless video gaming addiction.

To get HoN up and running you’ll first need to download the client for your particular operating system from the official downloads page. Download sizes vary, around 600MB.

The latest version for PC Client is HON 2.5.12, Linux 2.5.13 and OSX 2.5.0.
You can download from official website or click this